What my family does to be green

Everybody in my family drives fuel efficient cars. All my life my family has had fuel efficient cars. The least efficient car we’ve ever owned got about 19mpg average, which still isn’t too bad. The only downside is that when we go on long trips in the car, it gets really cramped and uncomfortable. But thats why we fly long distances instead of driving them.

4 thoughts on “What my family does to be green”

  1. Austin,
    That’s good that your family tries to help the emissions in the air. My family tries pretty hard too. We also recycle just about everything.
    -Michelle 🙂

  2. why hello austin 🙂
    My name is chelsie and i live in oregon 🙂 its quite a lovely place. its very green which reminds me about your blog topic. i find it very neat you and your family do things to try and stay green. i believe it is a very important topic. i hope you have a spledid day 🙂


  3. i don’t really think my parents did that on purpose. they’ve been driving small cars since the 80’s and with the envirorment and economy the way it is, they’re just gonna get smaller cars. lol imagine a family of 5 trying to fit in a smart fortwo.

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